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Government General Degree College at Mejia (Gopalpur) envisions to contribute through excellence in undergraduate education and research in arts, commerce and sciences, and thereby to serve as a valuable resource for society and to remain as a source of pride.



Presented below are the statements for mission of the college:

To impart in-depth knowledge to the students.
To encourage the students to do the best in the curricular and co-curricular programmes leading towards personal growth and transformation.
  To empower the students to build critical thinking abilities. Often teachers will ask questions aimed at making the student to think. Such introspection helps the student to make connections and start to see the bigger picture.
To provide student centric teaching in a student-friendly and aweless atmosphere in the classroom and beyond the classroom.
To shape ourselves into a learning community where we work, listen and respect each other.
To encourage and facilitate faculty and students to work synergistically across discipline boundaries.